Alcantara Seat Belt Cover, Set of 2


Experience luxury and comfort with the Alcantara Seat Belt Cover, inspired by Alcantara's Italian racing heritage. With Alcantara's exquisite softness and comfort, this set of two covers enhances driving pleasure while adding a touch of racing and sophisticated style to your car's interior.

The exterior of this case is wrapped with authentic Alcantara® made in Italy. The suede-like touch of Alcantara® gives it an extremely comfortable and firm grip. Visit our "About" page to learn more.

The skin feel of Alcantara is like no other material in the world. The soft and comfortable touch can prevent chafing from the polyester seat belts and elevates your daily driving experience

Made in Italy, our material, Alcantara has a long heritage in racing cars and luxury vehicles. It is the perfect highlight to your precious vehicle. 

The item contains two seat belt covers in the same color.

Alcantara® is water washable and safe with detergent and alcohol wipes. For regular maintenance, wipe the fabric with a wet cloth or alcohol wipes once every two weeks, especially in areas with heavy skin contact.