Alcantara Mouse Pad (Black)

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We want our mouse pad to make work and study more comfortable and enjoyable. Experience the exceptional softness of Alcantara® every time you rest your palm on the mouse. Sized at 20 * 22 cm or 7.8 * 8.6 inches, it offers the perfect level of friction to allow sensitive cursor movements and smooth wrist motions. Minimal branding creates a coherent aesthetics of the fabric to fit desktops with all materials and styles.

The exterior of this case is wrapped with authentic Alcantara® made in Italy. The suede-like touch of Alcantara® gives it an extremely comfortable and firm grip. Visit our "About" page to learn more.

The mouse pad has a size of 7.8*8.6 inches or 20*22 cm. It can cover all mouse movement for working or gaming and allows easy carry.

Tested by professional gamers, our mouse pad is beloved for its skin feel and balanced traction for mouse movement.

Alcantara® is water washable and safe with detergent and alcohol wipes. For regular maintenance, wipe the fabric with a wet cloth or alcohol wipes once every two weeks, especially in areas with heavy skin contact.

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Alcantara Mouse Pad (Black)
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The Most

My second time buying this desk mat. Bought the larger one to fit my home office. Definitely love the style and the luxurious feel.

John K.

Great Desk Mat



About Alcantara®

Our Material
Alcantara® is a synthetic suede-like material from Italy. The premium textile is most widely known for its use in high-end sports cars. Unlike other suede, Alcantara® is fire resistant. It can absorb a large amount of heat without increases in temperature. The middle layer of the textile is waterproof. Alcantara® is not sourced from animals. Its production process is vegan and environmentally friendly.

Exceptional Hand Feel

The skin feel of Alcantara® is unlike any other material in the world. It is soft and comfortable like suede but offers a great grip. Alcantara® does not change temperature easily. This can create a cozy palming experience all year round.

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