Alcantara Samsung Flip 5 Case (Black)


The back of the case is covered with genuine Alcantara, an Italian synthetic suede commonly found in the interior of high-end sports cars and designer handbags. It is known for its unbelievably comfortable feel and clean style. Learn more about our material by visiting our "About" page.

With the raised camera frame and screen edges, our case offers full protection of your precious device. The PE frame not only prevent scratches but also provides 3-feet drop protection without adding bulk to your carry.

Our unique button design ensures such an effortless and real-time transfer that you will forget a case covering the phone buttons.

Our case structure is specially designed for the Samsung Flip series. With a pivoting anchor connecting the two parts, the case can remain tight on the phone while allowing full mobility.

Alcantara® is water washable and safe with detergent and alcohol wipes. For regular maintenance, wipe the fabric with a wet cloth or alcohol wipes once every two weeks, especially in areas with heavy skin contact.