Alcantara Car Key Fob Cover For BMW

$30.29 $37.95
Protect your car key with the same material found in exotic sports cars! The Italian-made luxury sports car heritage of Alcantara is the perfect choice to style up your vehicle. With precise cutouts for car logos and key fob buttons, our cover offers a tight and intimate fit. The carabiner clip allows for easy attachment and detachment at any time. Let us know if you do not see your car key listed, we will make it happen!

The exterior of this case is wrapped with authentic Alcantara® made in Italy. The suede-like touch of Alcantara® gives it an extremely comfortable and firm grip. Visit our "About" page to learn more.

We developed high-precision molds for each of our car key fobs. This allows our cover to have an intimate fit. 

After 17 prototypes, we found the perfect inner lining that is stretchy and tough enough to withstand thousands of button presses. Our cover delivers the smoothest button transfer.

The cover comes with a complimentary round carabiner snap clip. It offers the most versatility to carry or store your car key fob. 

As many fobs look very similar, please check your car keys and make sure the buttons all match our cover. We also offer a 30-day free exchange until you get the right cover. 

Did not see your key fobs or car brands available? Email us with an image of your keys and car brand at and we will make it happen!

Alcantara® is water washable and safe with detergent and alcohol wipes. For regular maintenance, wipe the fabric with a wet cloth or alcohol wipes once every two weeks, especially in areas with heavy skin contact.


Alcantara Car Key Fob Cover

Functionality Meets Style

Exceptional Hand Feel

The skin feel of Alcantara® is unlike any other material in the world. It is soft and comfortable like suede but offers a great grip. Alcantara® does not change temperature easily. This can create a cozy palming experience all year round.

Product Features

Design + Craftsmanship
Intimate Fit

Our precision molding creates perfect fits for each of our key fob cover.

Carabiner Snap Clip

The clip ensures you can attach and hang your car key wherever needed.

Thoughtful Structure

The cover can be easily assembled and disassembled as needed.

All Handcrafted

The entire cover is handcrafted and hand-stitched to ensure quality.